Bed bugs bites cause insomnia and mental health condition.

A old urban threat that still facing cities around the world is the bedbug that has become resistant to pesticides. Indeed, South Africa cities are not  exclusive from bed bug problem based a report released in April 2009 DIE HARD BED BUGS POSE REAL THREAT TO SA.

It has been reported that there increasing numbers of infestation bedbug in back packer in Cape Town. The resurgence of bed bugs poses an urgent situation as infestations are rampant globally, nationally, and locally. What is even worse, the pest management companies confirmed that there’s no quick solution to eliminating bed bugs and no secret pesticide that will sort this problem out permanently. (

The management of these insect pests in urban environments costs billions of dollars annually and typically requires the use of large quantities of pesticides/insecticides.

Researchers from Ohio, US, have now published a report in the journal PLoS ONE that determined the resurgence of bed bugs poses. Their study enlightened us with physiology-driven molecular processes in Bedbugs. This new knowledge provided a platform for pest managers to come with effective solution to eliminating these bedbugs based on identification of candidate genes that potentially involved in insecticide resistance.

Some people are allergic to bedbugs bites, which they often experience itching leading to the formation of urticaria-like dermatitis, which favours secondary infections of skin disorder also result in anxiety, insomnia or worsening of an existing mental health condition. Travellers advise to be on an especially alert to the tell tale signs bites, blood on the bed sheets and their droppings that look like pepper.

Bed bugs are found anywhere on trains, buses, in movie theatres, hospitals, airplanes, couches and be transported even via the sole of a shoe.  Experts recommend looking for them with a bright flashlight, and using a hot hair dryer to flush them out of hiding places and cracks. Read more


3 responses to “Bed bugs bites cause insomnia and mental health condition.

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